When you join WSSRA, you do not automatcially join the WSSR Political Action Commitee (PAC).

WSSR-PAC is a legally separate organization from the Washington State School Retirees Association (WSSRA) but works closely with the WSSRA Legislative Committee, WSSRA Legislative Director and WSSRA contracted lobbyists. The main difference is that the WSSR-PAC contributes to candidates’ campaigns when
they run for election while the WSSRA Legislative Committee visits the State legislators when they are in session and discusses House and Senate Bills that
impact school retirees. Both organizations work for all Washington State school retirees’ benefits now and in the future but in different ways.

If you are interested in more information about the WSSR-PAC visit the website at:

The purpose of the WSSR-PAC website is to raise dollars and to inform all school employees on how they can contribute to the WSSR-PAC. The PAC delivers campaign contributions to candidates that support Washington State school retirees’ retirement and health care benefits including annual cost of living adjustments.

You can also contact our PAC representative: Mary Perkins – 509-884- 7671
Washington State Legislative Hotline: 1-800-562-6000


Although both House ad Senate budgets contained gains for WSSRA retirees, the final State budget did not reflect these gains.  Our Legislators were positive and supportive. We will continue to work closely  with them during the 2018 Session to promote the following 2017-18  WSSRA Legislative priorities:
  • TRS 1 & PERS 1 Pension Recovery
  • Restore Retiree Healthcare Benefits
  • Maintain the PERS 2 and TRS 2 Retirement Plans for Future School Employees
  • Make Actuarially  Recommended Payment to State Pension Funds
Please contact us if you are interested in being involved in the legislative process.

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